Review: Otome no Sewing 6

By Douce Frivolité - 20:21

As requested, here's my review of issue n.6 of the Otome no Sewing mook. For those not familiar to it, Otome no Sewing is a biannual Japanese publication with several Lolita fashion patterns and instructions on how to sew them. There is both full outfits and separate pieces for you to make, and coordination ideas for the clothes. Moreover, it comes with a few crafts tutorials for small accessories. This issue was released in winter 2014. I bought it on Amazon from a seller called samurai media for 21,61€ (including shipping) and it took almost a month to get to Spain from Japan. I'm sure there's cheaper or faster sellers (it retails at 1200 yen/9,60€) but it was convenient for me at the time.

Now, first thing I'd like to state is I don't know how to sew and I've been learning Japanese for about 6 months now (and of course nothing related to sewing vocabulary). I recently bought a sewing machine and I'm learning how to do stuff on my own. That said, the instructions are pretty much self-explanatory. It comes with pictures and you can easily figure out how to do what you need to do. Of course, you also need the skills to put it together, which I'm trying to get now!

As I said, this is a winter issue, so it includes a coat and a jacket design. Apart from that, you will find the following:

  • Hime Lolita outfit. Includes JSK, jacket, overskirt, fur cape, blouse, petticoat, echarpe, bonnet and rosette.
  • Classic/Country Anne of the Green Gables outfit. Includes OP, apron, bloomers, long skirt (more EGA-like), blouse, totebag, hat and shawl.
  • Separates: kodona pants and cape, underbust JSK, long sack OP (which is slightly different from the one on the Classic outfit), military style, double breasted JSK, simple shirred JSK, pleated skirt, tiered JSK, simple JSK with solid top and printed skirt.
  • Tutorials: puffy velveteen headbow, mini bow clips (BTSSB style), loom bead appliques (for decoration, charms...). 
As you can see, you get a lot for your money, particularly if you get it closer to the retail price! Not all de designs are patterned tho (that's the case of the bloomers and the petticoat, for example). The garments included in the pattern sheet are shown on both sides of the sheet. However, the patterns for these are drafted in the mook and quite easy to put into paper/fabric.

These are the pieces included in the patterns

As I mentioned in my last post, they have patterns for three different sizes (S, M and L). As those don't really fit me, I extended the measurement chart up to 5L. Last weekend, I messed around with the bloomer pattern without using the chart so they ended up being too small for me (and not properly sewn anyways lol), but I'm pretty sure they should work. As I'm a complete noob at this I won't post it here but if someone's curious about it feel free to ask for it and I'm happy to email it your way.

Add from a sewing school

All and all, I'm very happy with my purchase and I will be buying another issue in the future, as they just released a summer issue! I also have an old GLB pattern at my mum's in Malaga that I will try to rescue next time I visit, and would love to get some Gosurori, mainly out of curiosity, to compare the patterns.

Do you use Japanese patterns to make your Lolita clothes or do you make your own/adapt vintage ones?

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